Add Miniclip Features to Your Game

We've been creating and publishing games since 2001. Now you can use our Games API's to integrate with our services and take your games to the next level.

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We have a plugin we call the Game Manager and this allows you to easily integrate your Unity and Flash games with the Miniclip Games API. Alternatively you can use Javascript to integrate the API with other technologies.


Social Sharing

Give your players the ability to share high scores. Allow them to challenge their friends and family.

Currency System

Create your own game currency which players can win and exchange for items, powerups, and other benefits in game.

Custom Game Data

Store players progress, statistics, and any other data you can think of. The data can then be loaded wherever your users play your game.

In Action

Some examples of Games that use the Miniclip Games API:

8 Ball Pool Mini Soccer World Soccer Forever Adventure Capitalist Supercar Showdown