Info Value
Updated on 6 August 2019
Response format JSON
HTTP Methods GET
Response object Data
API Version 1.0


Returns an access token for the supplied app ID and user. The access token is required on order to access most of the API methods.


For this request both user_id and app_id are required.

Parameter Type Description
user_id integer The ID of the user
app_id integer The ID of the app


Element Type Description
access_token string The user's access token
generated_at datetime When the token was generated as a Unix timestamp
expires_at datetime The expiry time as a Unix timestamp. Or false for no expiry time


Request{ user_id : ##, app_id : ##}&signature=##

Sample response

	"access_token" : "05a77c1b87476b9dc2fdd432d04acd10",
	"generated_at" : "1393343101",
	"expires_at" : false