Info Value
Updated on 6 August 2019
Response format JSON
HTTP Methods GET
Response object Bundle category
API Version 1.0


Retrieve a list of bundle categories for a game.


Parameter Type Description
game_id integer The ID of the game the bundle categories belong to
(NB If your API account is locked to a specific game then this is not required)


Returns an array of bundle categories, indexed by bundle category id in the format bundle_category_##.

Element Type Description
bundle_category_id integer The ID of the bundle category
bundle_category_code string The code of the category
bundle_category_name string The name of the category



Sample response

	"bundle_category_123" : {
		"bundle_category_id" : 123,
		"bundle_category_code" : "TEST_BUNDLE",
		"bundle_category_name" : "Test Bundle Category"