Info Value
Updated on 6 August 2019
Response format JSON
HTTP Methods GET
Response object Currency
API Version 1.0


Retrieve all virtual currencies for a game, or all virtual currencies under a currency type within a game.


Parameter Type Description
integer The ID of the type of currencies being requested


Returns an array of currencies, indexed by currency id in the format currency_##.

Element Type Description
currency_id integer The ID of the currency
currency_type_id integer The ID of the currency type
currency_code string The currency's code
currency_name string The name of the currency
exchange_rate float The exchange rate - this is the amount of the currency that could be purchased for 1 Miniclip Credit
exchange_rate_timestamp datetime The datetime for when the exchange rate was last updated
format string The format of the currency when it is displayed
display_symbol_after boolean Whether or not to display the symbol after the amount
html_symbol string The HTML symbol for the currency
unicode_symbol string The unicode symbol for the currency
display_order integer The order in which the currency should be displayed



Sample response

	"currency_123" : {
		"currency_id" : 123,
		"currency_type_id" : 1,
		"currency_name" : "Test Currency",
		"currency_code" : "TC",
		"exchange_rate" : 0.00047,
		"exchange_rate_timestamp" : "2013-01-04 11:21:04",
		"format" : "$__.__",
		"display_symbol_after" : false,
		"html_symbol" : "$",
		"unicode_symbol" : "$",
		"display_order" : 0