Info Value
Updated on 6 August 2019
Response format JSON
HTTP Methods GET
Response object Event User
API Version 1.0


Retrieve all users for an event.


Parameter Type Description
event_id integer The ID of the event to retrieve users for


Returns an array of registered users, indexed by user number in the format user_##.

Element Type Description
user_id integer The ID of the user
facebook_id integer The Facebook ID of the user
google_id integer The Google ID of the user
username string The user's username
nickname string The user's nickname
dob string The user's date of birth
sex string The user's gender
disqualified boolean Whether the user has been disqualified
datetime string When the user registered for the event



Sample response

	"user_123" : {
		"user_id" : 123,
		"facebook_id" : 1234,
		"google_id" : 5678,
		"username" : "",
		"nickname" : "Test",
		"dob" : "1970-01-01",
		"sex" : "m",
		"disqualified" : false,
		"datetime" : "2014-10-21 16:51:00"